Pevarnik bros., Inc.

Turnkey Concrete Construction


Pevarnik Bros., Inc. offers turnkey concrete construction services. Our team handles the construction process from start to finish, using the latest and best technology and equipment to ensure a quality project. In addition, we are an authorized Ceco Metal Buildings Builder. 

Where we work


Pevarnik Bros., Inc. is located in Latrobe, PA, but our main markets are Western PA, Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, D.C. We are also licensed to work in West Virginia. 

What we do/ Our strengths


Footings, spread foundations, concrete piers and pads, concrete walls and retaining walls, slab-on grade, slab-on deck. Outside the building pad we do sidewalks, concrete steps and curbs. We can also perform excavation services to complement our concrete packages.

Professional Memberships


Our Partners